Have a great time!

Santa's Snow Globe

Santa’s Snow Globe

Little Gremlins tries to destroy Santa’s favorite Snow Globe. Santa used his magic to shrunk you and his elves to get rid of the Gremlins inside the Snow Globe. Good luck!

A Little Office Trouble

A Little Office Trouble

Use what you have to protect your office life (if you’re in the workplace office or home office) and keep everything safe from hackers that want to put you out of work! Good luck!

Protect The Car

Protect The Car

In this game you have to move from one side to another to dodge everything that crosses your path. along the way you will find “power up” to be able to move faster. Good luck!

Valentines Day Fails

It’s the most loving time of the year… except when it goes so, so wrong… watch and try not to laugh!

Bowling Fails

Who knew that such as easy game as throwing a ball straight down an alley would have such catastrophic results?

10 April Fools Day Pranks

10 easy April Fools Day pranks you can play on family and friends. Enjoy! Tongue nailed to a piece of wood Bee on your back prank Volleyball prank Fake snake prank Glue on a shoe prank $100 prank Broken nose prank Ownage prank Dude your car prank Keys prank

8 Ball Master Tournament

Everyone likes the challenge of 8-ball. This is your chance to win the tournament! Use your mouse to aim the cue ball and pull back on the cue on the right to take the shot.

The Shape

You’ll need to use your highest intelligence to figure out the missing shape that completes the equation. Yup, it’s a tough game! To set a record in this game you need to be highly intelligent and to show keen perception. Do you have what it takes?