About Pringles Potato Chips

Q: Did you ever wonder what Pringles potato chips were made of? A: Known to most people, Pringles potato chips are made from dehydrated and flaked potatoes. Unknown to most is the source of these potato flakes. Have you ever wondered what McDonald’s does with their left-over french fries? In most areas of the world […]


Help and FAQ IMPORTANT Many videos on this site use “Flash” that is no longer supported by default in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you want to view the videos that require Flash to view you will need to install Flash from the page you did not see the video on. The videos […]

Man Test

Are you a real man? This test will help you find out what the other guys and gals aren’t telling you! When in doubt guys, pick "C". ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – RESULTS AT BOTTOM 1. In the company of females, intercourse should be referred to as: A. Lovemaking B. Screwing C. Taking the pigskin bus […]

Burp Prank

Once downloaded, this icon shown above is what you click on to begin the fun. Be sure to save the program you download to a USB stick so you can easily install in on your victim’s computer. Copy it to their "C-Drive" somewhere, double click it, turn up the volume on their speakers (this prank […]

Bomb Prank

Bomb looks just like a Windows Explorer crash. Good for half a chuckle. OK, you have to experience it, not just read this and figure that it’s not for you, OK? But, if you like it or hate it, please don’t email me about it, after all, I am Robrob8 and really don’t have the […]